Wedding Veil Etiquette


The saying goes a veil is what turns a woman in a beautiful white dress into bride.

But when are you are supposed to put your veil on, and do you wear your veil at the reception. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions.

When to put your veil on

Although you may be tempted to put your veil on as soon as you have stepped into your dress, think about your timing first. If you are getting ready within walking distance ask your hairstylist to put your veil on just before you leave the room. If you are getting a car to the ceremony, you may want to wait to have your veil put on when you arrived at your venue to avoid pulling it as you get in and out of the car. Make sure your maid of honour is on standby.

When to take your veil off

There is no fast rule. Some brides that are wearing longer veils opt to take theirs off after the ceremony once the pictures have been taken. A new trend being seen recently is a cathedral veil being swapped for a short blusher veil so they can remain bridal while dancing!

How to keep your veil in place

The combs attached to veils can feel secure, to ensure that it is perfectly in place add a few bobby pins the colour of your hair. Place these underneath the comb.

Who should help remove your veil

If your hair stylist is not at hand ensure that you maid of honour is nearby. Once they have removed the pins, they should place one hand beneath and one on top of the comb and gently pull it upwards so the comb does not pull your hair out of place.