Avoiding Costly Alterations To Your Wedding Dress

5 tips to the perfect bridal wear fit

You don’t need to schedule 30 dress fittings to get your dress just right. In fact if you plan correctly you can save yourself money.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the best fitting wedding dress possible.

1 - Forget about size. No two size charts are created equal. If you are a size 14 in the ready to wear world, for example you could be anything from an 8 to 18 in planet bridal, The Dress House wedding dresses are ordered to measure you and are offered without an additional cost when purchasing a wedding dress.

2 - Mention heel height. The average dress is about five feet from the collarbone to the floor. If you want to wear very tall heels you may need to have your dress made in a longer length.

3 - Bring shoes and under garments. This is vital to the whole look of your silhouette and will affect your wedding dress fit if changed on your big day.

4 - Do ask for what you want. Small changes are often possible without large costs involved, we will be able to advise you what is possible to the fit of a garment.

5 - Dance like no one is watching. This is not a joke. To ensure everything feels good and secure make sure you move around the showroom, so that you can be comfortable all night long at your wedding.